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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Puma 2-Piece Set (18-24months) - SOLD

Puma Two-Piece Set
Size 18 months
Original & Brand New
Blue T-Shirt & White Short
Price :RM50 only! (excluding postage)
RM40 only!

Royale Baby Girl Shoes

Royale Baby Girl Shoes
Brand New!!!
Size 3 or 14cm
Original Price: RM40++
Here, only RM 25 (excluding postage)
RM20 only!

Puma Infant Shoes

Puma Infant Shoes
Size UK5, US6 or 14cm...
Used once and in a very GREAT condition
Very COOL shoes!
Original price RM 139.00
To let go for only RM60! (exluding postage)
RM 40 only!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Christian Dior Sunglasses (Shiny Dior 1)

100% Authentic Dior Sunglasses!

Used but in a very GREAT condition!
Very elegant!

Bought @ RM 900+++

To let go for only RM 300!

Reason to let go: Got a new sunglasses...
RM 200 only!

Hallmark Baby Bib

Hallmark Baby Bib
Blue Colour
Very Handsome!
Price: RM 6 only! (without postage)

Hallmark Baby T-Shirt (6-9months)

Hallmark Baby T-shirt (6-9months)
Blue Colour
Very Cute!!!
Price: RM 9.90 (without postage)
You may match with Baby Handkerchief for only RM15.00!!!(without postage)

Hallmark Baby Handkerchief

Hallmark Baby Handkerchief
Blue/White colour (Both available)
Very cute cartoon!
Price: RM 6.00 per piece (without postage)
Buy both for only RM 10.00!!! (without postage)

Hallmark Silicone Pacifier (Two Pieces In Box)-sold to Ayu

Hallmark Silicone Pacifier (Two Pieces In Box)
Green/Blue Colour-Both Available
Price RM 12.00 per set (without postage)
Buy both for only RM 20.00! (without postage)