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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pil ASI for sale- currently out of stock


RM 15.00 per box....(excluding postage)

Limited units...Hurry, grab them!!!



Babiesinpain said...

Babies should not be circumcised.

Firstly, this is a non scientific operation by ancient societities in the middle east, arabs etc.

Circumcision is not reversible so due consideration of the boy man to be must be taken into consideration.

In the west many men are upset that their mothers cut off part of their penises when they are babies so that they do not know the sensation of having known what its like to play with their cover.

So they have to go through counselling.

The prepuce serve the purpose of protecting the sensitive glans. When you cut off the prepuce some of the sensitive nerves are cut off too.

For the Arabs they thought that by exposing the glans they would not premature ejaculations as it have been desentisised. This is not true. Many Malay men still ejaculate prematurely.

So the thoughts now is to leave it to the man to decide if he wants to cut off his penises.

This is not a matter of the baby is helpless or cheating yourself that babies dont feel pain in the first week. You should see how babies howled when the doc cut off his penis.